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Русский / English

Chef-daw cards with hand-drawn step-by-step recipes:

a handy size and a great gift!

Chef-daw set # 1
40 cards inside

The Chef-daw set # 1 in English is now available!

Chef-daw set # 2
40 cards inside

Chef-daw set # 3
40 cards inside

Chef-daw set # 4
40 cards inside

Chef-daw Coctails set
30 cards inside

Chef-daw No meat set

40 cards inside

All these wonderful kits will become available soon
as they are translated into English

If you’re really bothered reading long text recipes, trying to understand the right proportion of ingredients and a sequence of actions needed,
then our Chef-daw cards with step-by-step hand drawn recipes are made just for You.

All ingredients in each recipe are illustrated in exact proportions and amount, like: milk — half a glass, olive oil — two tablespoons. Take as much as it’s shown. The cooking itself is even easier, the picture shows what to mix, when to boil, in which step to add any particular ingredient. Basically it’s like one, two, three and done! Easy to remember, easy to repeat, the risk of missing those tiny details (which make all the difference) is reduced to minimum.


I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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How to cook with Chef-daw?

Words of the happy owners

Anna Meshcherina

As a vegetarian, I'm pleased that there's a "No meat" card set, I can't wait to try it! As an artist, I admired the originality of combining illustration with cooking. In general, all the senses are delighted. You have a very nice project, I wish you continued success and prosperity! And I ran to the kitchen now :)

Dasha Konchalovskaya

I think, I have never seen anything more affordable, comfortable and enjoyable than the recipes in drawings. An infinite number of advantages: You can finally teach kids to cook – it is convenient to look at the pictures and read the proportions; I find it difficult to read the recipes in words, because in my head the words are still processed into the pictures and then into commands to the hands. But here everything is before your eyes, affordable and elegant; This is the best gift to all (verified by experience).
:) And I want to wish you guys all the best, and let long live the people with hands, brains, humor, and love! Bow to you from me! :)

Lyudmila Milovidova

Thank you very much for cards. My mother and I, we're so excited, that I just have no words!!!
Yesterday I brought mail, Mom unpacked it and until the evening my mother was neither heard and not seen)))
She said that now, apparently, we will blindly pull the card and that is the way we'll choose what will be for lunch / dinner.
Thank you for your work and for our pleasure!

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